It all started about 30 years ago with Austrian and German patients coming to have their treatments done in border villages. They came for quality dental care at a fraction of the cost. As they were fully satisfied with the expertise of Hungarian dentists, they encouraged their friends and neighbours to come across for their dental treatment and often to try one of the thermal baths during their stay, enjoy the culinary art of Hungary and still save 50-70%.

Soon travel agencies brought busfuls of Swiss patients, and, without knowing it, they all helped Hungarian dentists get the biggest advantage, a huge number of patients and the chance to practice, practice and practice.

By now the professional knowledge of the Hungarian dentists is renowned all around the world.

As low cost airlines made travel more affordable, Britons, followed by people from Italy, Ireland and even Scandinavia came to Budapest. Today, 200,000 people, more than 40% of the dental tourists choose Hungary.

Our goal is to bring our experience in dental tourism to the metropols of Europe and provide dental service and after-care at the highest level.

With this end in view we opened our Irish clinic in Cork in 2010. The same year we made our services available in London. However, our practice in Budapest is still open for those who also want to enjoy the hospitality of this beautiful historic city besides getting dental treatment.

We are happy to announce that our Dutch unit in The Hague also opened its doors in June, so now we are at your service in four locations.

Our own dental laboratory supplies our 20 doctors in these four cities with the same professional background, and, this way, the full range of our dental technical products (be it CAD/CAM zirconium crowns or pressed ceramic inlays) is available everywhere.

We hope that our short introduction is appealing to you and that you will click on any of the logos below for more information.

Hope to see you soon.

Hungarian Dentalcare Netherlands

2563 BB Den Haag,
Laan van Meerdervoort 356 A
Tel.: (+31) 70 363 3190


Hungarian Dentalcare Ireland

Ardrum House, Bishopstown Road,
Bishopstown, Cork
Tel.: (+353) 21 480 0888


Egressy Dental

1149 Budapest,
Egressy Ășt 23-25.
Tel.: (+36) 1 383 0810


Forest&Ray Dental Clinic

8F Gilbert Place, (British Museum),
London, WC1A 2JD
Tel: +44 (0) 3432 7911